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Does your Android app have a lot of icons used in it? Thought about adding some icons to your app to up the visual appeal factor? Here is a new way in which you can do just that without having to load your app up with a lot of icon files. Displaying the icons you wish is now as simple as displaying a custom font within your app. We painstakingly spend an entire day converting the many dev icons into a set of high res fonts that are scalable to any size you need. Now you don’t have to worry about the hassle of drawables. The best part is that the font files are extremely small, only 11kb each for a total of 22kb! Want to have different colored icons? Now its as simple as changing the color of the font to any color you want. Its that easy!

Of course this concept isn’t ideal for every dev or every app out there, but it is a new and novel way of adding icons to your apps. These font sets are free to use in any way you choose, so have fun! For your convenience, below and included in the download are the font maps for each font file. If you use the fonts in your app, please let us know and share your app with us….so we can in turn share. :)

Included in this set are three bonus icons courtesy of Opoloo. They have come up with a great concept for a new save, import and export icon to replace the very outdated standards. Learn more >>

Get it on Google PlayWould you like to see the icons in use? Head on over to the Play Store and install the free demo app.

If you like and appreciate this set, please consider making a donation via the button to the right. All donations will go directly to a cancer patient in need.

Font File 1


Font File 2


Android Dev Icons - The Font


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